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Experiences and practices from creative workers in new book

The cover of Creative work.

How do creative workers work? Insights and experiences from a range of relevant disciplines withing creative professions is presented in this Open Access book.

Creative Work – Conditions, Contexts and Practices features case studies from a European context, where experiences and practices from creative workers shows how they are attempting to navigate a changing environment which affects spaces, identities, and professional roles. The book provides an opportunity to expand the conception of what creative work is with the help from studies of a range of activities, practices and sectors that are usually included in the cultural and creative industries as well as ones that are more untraditional.

– One of the foundational ideas of this volume is to explore the fuzzy domain of work in the specific context of creative work. We will shed light on the notion of creative work as unconstrained to a particular industry, market, or public sector. The ambiguity embedded in the concept of creative work serves as both background and subject of this volume. The various chapters set out to explore and analyze conditions, contexts, and practices of creative work, ranging from arts and literature to fashion, the digital games industry, ecological entrepreneurship, and wellbeing, says Erika Andersson Cederholm who has edited the book together with Katja Lindqvist from the Department of Service Studies, Ida de Wit Sandström (Lund University) and Philip Warkander (University of Borås).

About the book

Creative Work – Conditions, Contexts and Practices is suitable for scholars, practicioners and advanced students with an interest in the creative industries. Besides Erika Andersson Cederholm and Katja Lindqvist, several researchers from the Department of Service Studies and the network CROCUS contribute to the book.

It’s available online under a Open Access licence. Download your copy here. 

Erika Andersson Cederholm.

Erika Andersson Cederholm

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Katja Lindqvist.

Katja Lindqvist

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