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Tourism, Place & Mobility

The role of tourism in society is more in focus than ever before. Major changes in wider society affect the entire hospitality industry. In what ways is society affected by tourism, and how can it be developed in a sustainable way?

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This research theme is about one of Sweden’s basic industries – tourism and hospitality. It has a major impact on employment and growth nationwide through activities such as hotels, restaurants, retail and transport. The current coronavirus pandemic, but also the transition to a digitised and fossil-free society, has a drastic impact on the industry. The global travel patterns that were so dominant previously have come to a head and challenge the entire tourism sector to explore new directions.

The research at the Department of Service Studies is based on, among other things, sociological, cultural geographic, ethnological and environmental strategic research. Tourism, location and mobility are studied as a societal phenomenon and from an economic perspective, both locally and globally. Examples of research areas within the theme are the effects of low-cost air travel, local food and hunting tourism, the impact of overtourism – not least in relation to cultural heritage – and the climate impact of mobility. The aim is to develop the hospitality industry and contribute to a greater understanding of how it is affected by changes in wider society.

Recent publications

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Recent publications

Commodification of recreational hunting in Sweden: hunting tourism experiences as ‘peculiar goods’Andersson Cederholm, E...
Resourcification and TourismHultman, J., Corvellec, H. & Zillinger, M., 2023, (Accepted/In press) The Wiley Blackwell Co...
The tourism business operator as a moral gatekeeper: The relational work of recreational hunting in Sweden Andersson Ced...