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Culture and Creativity

Cultural and creativity – art, theatre, literature, fashion, game industry, design, architecture, gardening and place development – have taken on an increasingly important role in society, even outside the traditional cultural sectors. Cultural, artistic and creative expressions act as resources for service development.

Collage of microphone, dancers, book, sculpture, paint

Within the cultural and creative industries, the degree of innovation is high. In the interface with digital technologies, there is rapid development of new ways of consuming art and culture, but also of business models and forms of cooperation across social spheres. These activities are often embedded in complex networks of both public and private actors and resources, creating specific conditions.

The research at the Department of Service Studies concerns how the organization and management of work with professional culture takes place, how and where cultural and creative services are consumed, and how political decisions and priorities affect the opportunities to take part in cultural expressions. The theme takes its theoretical starting point in cultural analytical, sociological and business economics perspectives, including organizational theory.

The research theme also drives the interdisciplinary and Campus-based network CROCUS. The network is a strategic investment from Lund University and functions as a platform for education and research on culture and creativity.

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