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Introduction for new students

Learning enviroment and teaching style

During the first week of the programme, we arrange an introductory week to give an overview of what it is like to study at Lund University and the Department of Service Studies. This is something that our students have shown great appreciation for and makes many feel better prepared for their master's studies and also gives them the opportunity to meet all new classmates, many of whom study abroad for the first time.

Rickard Ek, senior lecturer and associate professor during a lecture on Dunkers Kulturhus.

During the first week we:

  • Introduce the teaching and learning regime of our department.
  • Show you the research and best practice about learning, knowing and understanding that your teachers’ value.
  • Discuss the difference between memorising and reflecting, knowing and understanding.
  • Test how you are used to learning and being assessed and investigate how that differs from what we expect you to learn here and how we will assess and grade you.
  • Practice writing reflective texts, doing exams, active listening and other skills necessary in seminars.

What students valued the most:

  • Different techniques for studying on your own as well as in groupwork
  • Getting to know all the fellow students in class
  • Confidence and motivation in their future studies
  • Encouraging advice from teachers
  • Understanding the deep approach to learning and critical and independent thinking
  • Understanding the teaching and learning system in Sweden as well as at Lund University

Reflections from students:

It’s been a great week and I am so proud to be part of this group

I learned a lot of useful things that will affect me positively during my study time

Thank you for helping me be more prepared for the next two years

I feel extremely motivated and ready to learn