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CROCUS Conference Beyond Site/Sight 2024

Image of buildings in Helsingborg.

Save-the-Date for CROCUS Conference 

BEYOND SITE/SIGHT Cultural Spaces and the Conditions of Creativity

The cross-disciplinary network CROCUS is inviting you to a conference around the theme of cultural spaces and the conditions of creativity. During the conference we will explore policies, digital and physical places and platforms for culture and creativity as well as performance and play. The point of departure will be placemaking.

The aim of the conference is to:

  • Understand the aesthetics and the role of materiality, emotions, bodies, and senses to reach an understanding of transformations beyond restrictions by reason and measure. 
  • Capture affects, ambiances, experiences, and the tacit knowledge, embedded in spaces and places of transformation with regards to innovation, co-creation, and sustainability. 
  • Enhance knowledge and understanding of activities, practices, models, methods, and tools for and within creative eco-systems.
  • Facilitate flows of creative processes, value-creating processes, value-creating resources, and circular supply chains to gain new knowledge of how cultural and creative practices and industries can relate to dynamic and sustainable urban spaces and environments. 

The conference is arranged in collaboration between the CROCUS network, Helsingborg municipality and Region Skåne and held at Brandstationen and Dunker’s Cultural Center in Helsingborg. CROCUS focuses on cultural and creative industries aiming to create a dynamic and living environment that strengthens both research and education. Hence, this event addresses researchers, artists and practitioners in culture, creativity, and the arts to blur the borders between art, design, architecture, social science, and the humanities to produce objects and forms that could be vectors of scientific inquiry, mediation with different stakeholders at a wider scale.

The first day of the conference focuses on research and research methods, the second day of the conference focuses on policy and application and the third day focuses on education and cross disciplinary possibilities for education. 

To register to the conference, see the following link. Please note that seats will be limited.



DAY ONE 12 June 2024

CROCUS network members are invited to Brandstationen and Vagnhall 16 in Helsingborg for a half day focusing on creativity, creative methods, and method development. Join research colleagues from different disciplines for round tables, research presentations, art exhibitions and experimentation around the themes PLACEMAKING AND POSITIONING – conditions and concepts, PLACEMAKING AS PERFORMANCE – bodies and materiality and PLACEMAKING AS PLAY - models and formats. 

Location: Brandstationen, Helsingborg, Sweden

13:00 WELCOME, Cecilia Fredriksson, Lunds University


POINTS OF DEPARTURE – on the understanding of placemaking

What can local cases tell us about the different logics and practices of placemaking? What gaps, issues, and methods do we want to address during the conference? 

Panel Members:

  • Dennis Kerkhof, Municipality of Helsingborg 
  • Kirsti Mathiesen Hjemdahl, Cultiva Foundation  
  • Natalia Bobadilla, LABEX ICCA

Moderator: Marie Ledendal, Lunds University

PLACEMAKING AND POSITIONING – conditions and concepts 

Placemaking is a broad and contested field of knowledge. How is its current condition? What ambiguities surround placemaking and how can they be understood?

Panel Members:

  • Andrew Karvonen, Lund University
  • Lisa Högdahl, Lund University
  • Philip Warkander, University of Borås

Moderator: Per-Johan Dahl, Lunds University

PLACEMAKING AS PERFORMANCE – bodies and materiality

How do bodies and materiality relate to the spatial? How can concepts, imaginaries and practices pertaining to placemaking, and performativity unfold and be understood? 

Panel Members:

  • Charlotte Østergaard, Lund University
  • Gunnar Sandin, Lund University
  • Lizette Gradén, Lund University 

Moderator: Jörgen Dahlqvist, Lunds University

PLACEMAKING AS PLAY – models and formats

How can examples of placemaking be approached by playing with formats and models? How can different artistic and research-based methods challenge the taken for granted by introducing and experimenting with different forms of expressions, with different models and formats?

Panel Members:

  • Halla Stefansdottır, Lund University
  • Iury Trojaborg, Lund University 
  • Sima Wolgast, Lund University 
  • Steinunn Knutsdottir , Lund University 

Moderator: Robert Willim, Lunds University



In the evening you are most welcome to a buffet and bar mingle in the company of Helsingborg municipality, Region Skåne and their European partner networks.  

DAY TWO 13 June 2024

Focusing on policy and practice Helsingborg municipality and Region Skåne invite civil servants, CROCUS network members, politicians, and practitioners in the cultural and creative sectors to Dunkers kulturhus in Helsingborg for a full day of dialogue, keynote speakers and possibilities for future collaborations. CROCUS will contribute to the programme with research pitches and show cases.

Location: Dunker's cultural center

9:00 EUROPEAN CREATIVE ECONOMY CONFERENCE 2024 - research, policy and business

Analysis show that there is a lack of entrepreneurship and transversal skills in a number of areas in the cultural and creative industries, as well as limited collaboration between researchers and businesses. Interaction between clusters in the cultural field and innovation actors is insufficient, and there is often a lack of creative and artistic competence in important social development processes. What does a functioning CCI ecosystem look like? And how do we create the interaction needed between different sectors and skills in order to contribute to a sustainable society?

The European Creative Economy Conference 2024 is arranged in co-operation between Creative FED, Region Skåne, Helsingborg City and Lund University. Meet researchers, policymakers, companies, support organizations and decision makers from all over Europe for a full day of dialogue, keynote speakers and possibilities for future collaborations. For more information see the following link


Location: Brandstationen, Helsingborg, Sweden

In the evening CROCUS network members are invited back to Brandstationen and Vagnhall 16 for a bar mingle.

DAY THREE 14 June 2024

Focusing on education and border crossing educational collaborations CROCUS network members are invited to Brandstationen in Helsingborg for a half day of presentations, round tables and workshops.  

Location: Brandstationen, Helsingborg, Sweden

9:00 EDUCATION BEYOND SIGHT/SITE - current and coming

Panels and round tables on creative and cross-disciplinary courses and programmes. 

12:30     Conclusion and lunch

To register to the conference, see the following link.

Please note that seats will be limited.

The program is updated regularly and may be subject to change up until the conference.


Women in jacket infront of wooden panel with the text Hunger

Save-the-Date for CROCUS activities 2024

  • 11-12 April, Research seminar series on the theme Sound, IAC, Malmö
  • 15 April at 15:15-17:00, Book talk with Katja Lindqvist (Department of Service Studies, Lund University), Lizette Gradén and Thomas O'dell (both from Division of Ethnology, Department of Arts and Cultural Sciences, Lund University), Lund (location to be announced shortly), and Erika Andersson Cederholm (Department of Service Studies, Lunds University) and moderator Chris Mathieu (Department of Sociology, Lund University). Venue: LUX, Helgonavägen 3, 223 62, Lund, Room: LUX:B352
  • 12-14 June, CROCUS conference BEYOND SITE/SIGHT, Brandstationen, Helsingborg, see the conference page for more information. The register is open, see the following link. Please note that seats will be limited.
  • Research seminar on the series theme Materiality, IAC, Malmö (moved to autumn, date TBA)

For more information about each event, see the page News from CROCUS