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New doctors granted funds to develop trade in Helsingborg

Portraits of Micol Mieli, Yulia Vakulenko and Pernilla Derwik.
Micol Mieli, Yulia Vakulenko and Pernilla Derwik.

For the fourth year in a row, new doctors active at Campus Helsingborg have had the possibility to receive fundings from the Helsingborg trade association. Besides being a researcher with connection to Helsingborg, it is also favorable to have a focus on retail, industry or service. This year 1 million sek was granted to three researchers all with connection to Service studies.

Micol Mieli was one of the researchers who received the grant. Her project is called “Creating synergies between center and periferi in Helsingborg as a smart city: bridging the geographical distances with digital tools”.

– The problem many cities like Helsingborg is facing is that people forget the city center when they go out to shop, and instead spend their money online or in shopping centers outside of town. Helsingborg has many areas of interest that aren’t close physically, but also not that far apart. My plan for this project is to make digital spaces to connect the physical spaces. The study will include workshops with stakeholders to see what they want and what they need, and also mini surveys with visitors and consumers, says Micol Mieli, who has a Phd. in service studies and teach at the programmes in Service management.

The other two researchers who received the grant was Yulia Vakulenko and Pernilla Derwik. Yulias project is about digitalization, AI and Big Data within e-commerce. Pernillas project is about competence development with focus on the informal learning, especially on workplaces in retail. Both are lecturers at Packaging logistics (LTH) and Yulia teach at the master’s programme in Service management Supply chain management, and Pernilla at the bachelor’s programme Logistics service management.


Contact information

Micol Mieli, Department of service studies micol [dot] mieli [at] ses [dot] lu [dot] se (micol[dot]mieli[at]ses[dot]lu[dot]se)

Yulia Vakulenko, Packaging logistics, LTH Faculty of engineering yulia [dot] vakulenko [at] plog [dot] lth [dot] se (yulia[dot]vakulenko[at]plog[dot]lth[dot]se)

Pernilla Derwik, Packaging logistics, LTH Faculty of engineering pernilla [dot] derwik [at] plog [dot] lht [dot] se (pernilla[dot]derwik[at]plog[dot]lht[dot]se)