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Students exploring Cultural and Creative Entrepreneurship in Helsingborg

Two students on a stage. A presentation in the background.
Julaina Jaffar and Aili Hong presenting their project about Röda kvarn.

During the course “Service Development and Entrepreneurship” the Master’s students of the Culture and Creativity management specialisation worked on a project together with the City of Helsingborg. With the project, the students explore the conditions, challenges, and opportunities for cultural and creative entrepreneurship in Helsingborg.

Helsingborg is a multifaceted city with a vision of a strong cultural infrastructure. Various cultural actors have a positive and strong drive to move cultural life forward. There are many opportunities, but also many challenges. The city wants to create opportunities for an active cultural life that provides work for cultural creators and cultural experiences for citizens. But what opportunities do local cultural practitioners have to develop and operate in Helsingborg? How do they co-operate with the city and in what areas? How do they define their challenges? These were the questions the students aimed to answer with their project. 

– As part of the project brief, the city presented a list of creators ranging from artists, screenwriters, photographers, cultural and creative entrepreneurs, and many more. We selected two cultural and creative entrepreneurs, Mattias Sommer from Röda Kvarn and Peter Eriksson from Kulturhotellet, for our study based on Helsingborg’s innovative reputation. We conducted interviews and observations, taking on roles as researchers and consultants. We presented our presentation in a storytelling format to engage the audience and received feedback on the spot. The feedback helped us improve our personal presentation skills and refine our report before submission, says Julaina Jaffar, student on the course.

Group of students in a theater.
Julaina Jaffar and her colleagues at Röda kvarn for observation.

The students were tasked to compile a case study report based on the project brief presented by the city of Helsingborg. The goal was to uncover both the challenges and opportunities within the city, aiming to create opportunities for an active cultural life that provides work for cultural creators and cultural experiences for citizens.

– This project was challenging but rewarding. It embraced structure and freedom, as we had to plan the field study independently, making time management crucial for timely analysis. Thank you to the creators for being super supportive of our project. As this was a team project, I reflected on my communication skills and openness to diverse perspectives. We encountered differences, especially at the start, but through communication and understanding each other’s viewpoints, we managed to resolve conflicts and complete a project we are proud of, Julaina concludes.

Two students holding a presentation.
Julaina Jaffar and Aili Hong.