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Micol Mieli "nailed" her dissertation

Micol Mieli

Today a traditional event took place on the third floor of Campus Helsingborg. Our PhD student Micol Mieli "nailed", or "spikade" as it is called in Swedish, her dissertation. This tradition of nailing the thesis is ancient and the procedure is done three weeks before the official defence.
Now Micol Mieli is awaiting the dissertation defence which will take place on October 14th.

The dissertation’s title is "Smartphoned Tourists in the Phygital Tourist Experience".

The thesis explores how the tourist experience is re-articulated through the mediation of smartphones. The new tourist that emerges from smartphone mediation is the smartphoned tourist, that is a tourist whose experience is shaped by the availability and use of this technology.

The thesis focuses on two aspects: first, how smartphones mediate tourist information behaviour. The concept of planned serendipity is proposed to indicate how smartphone-mediated information behaviour is complex and cannot be reduced to a dichotomy of serendipity and planning.

Second, the thesis explores how smartphones mediate tourists’ experiences of phygital worlds. The term phygital is adopted to indicate how the technologically mediated tourist experience is neither physical nor digital, but both.

The dissertation defence will take place on October 14th in room U203 at Campus Helsingborg.

The faculty opponent is professor Maria Lexhagen from Mid Sweden University.

More information about the dissertation can be found here.

Micol Mieli
Micol together with her supervisors Malin Zillinger and Jan Henrik Nilsson.
Micol Mieli
Micol is nailing her thesis.