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What Afina says about the Master's in Service Management, Retail

Afina from Indonesia

What is the best thing about the Service Management programme?

The programme has a well-designed syllabus. It really guides students to understand the theories and concepts that are useful for practice in the industry and also for lifelong learning. Additionally, the course design usually provides useful workshops for students to do well in assignments and examinations.

Why did you choose the retail specialization?

My previous job in the retail business, specifically in the customer care department, led me to see problems within the retail industry in my home country. I chose retail specialization because I want to elevate my knowledge of the industry's future challenges and underlying problems. In addition, retail specialization offers some learnings that are relevant to my experiences, such as service encounters, emotional labour, service logistics, servicescape, retail marketing, and digitalization. I did not obtain that knowledge when I was a bachelor's student, so choosing retail specialization is beneficial to expand a comprehensive understanding of the retail industry.

What do you think about the teaching style within the programme?

The teaching style in each course is always different since it depends on the course design. However, all the teachers are helpful and recognize that each student is unique. They appreciate our study style, which makes the learning environment encouraging. They usually give students the time to do self-reflection during the lecture so that we can make sense of what we learn is relevant to our lives.

To what extent does your programme prepare you for a career in your field?

The programme encourages me to have analytical thinking skills with relevant theories and concepts. Those skills and knowledge are useful in practice so that we can identify problems in retail more comprehensively. Analytical thinking skills are also important for a practitioner in the industry.

What is the student life like in Helsingborg?

What I like most about studying and living in Helsingborg is that the city has beautiful scenery, cultural sites, and an affordable social life, which will support me in balancing my study activities. There is always an event collaboration conducted by companies, communities, and the university to support students. They usually invite students to join networking events or presentations about practical skills in the labour market, and they are often free.