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Theses in Service Studies

The Department for Service Studies is a young department, founded in 2000. Teachers and researchers from various disciplines work here. Doctoral studies within the department leads to a PhD in Service Studies. Below you find theses from our PhDs.

Rui Liu

Tinkered care: Assembling Medicine Consumption in Grey Zones (2023)

Anna Spitzkat

Understanding Social Media Shopping: Instagram and the reconfiguration of shopping (2022)

Micol Mieli

Smartphoned Tourists in the Phygital Tourist Experience (2022)

Stuart Reid

Touring Tourism Enterprising: Mundane Practices of Tourism Development (2022)

Devrim Umut Aslan

Praxitopia: How shopping makes a street vibrant (2021)

Josefine Östrup Backe

Enacting "the local" in culinary tourism: A study of culinary actors and their practices (2020)

Malin Andersson 

Kustnära yrkesfiske i förändring: Från mångsysslare till entreprenör (2019)

Ida de Wit Sandström 

Kärleksaffären: Kvinnor och köpenskap i kustens kommers (2018)

Manuela Kronen

Tales of uniqueness: Value creation in rural tourism development (2018)

Jack Lainpelto

Ämnade för restaurangarbete?: Om politisk styrning och lågutbildade ungdomars väg fram till arbetsmarknadens tröskel (2018)

Emma Samsioe

Consumer Contextual Learning: The Case of Fast Fashion Consumption (2017)

Alma Raissova

Servicescapes seen by visually impaired travellers: Time-geography approach to servicescape research (2017)

Tomas Nilsson

Rhetorical business – A study of marketing work in the spirit of contradiction (2015)

Maria Månsson

Mediatized tourism. The convergence of media and tourism performances (2015)

Jörgen Eksell

Värdeskapande gästfrihet. Hur gästfrihet som värde ramas in, etableras och förhandlas i hotellbranschen (2013)

Anette Svingstedt

Servicemötets praktik – på en tingsrätt, ett äldreboende och ett hotell (2012)

Mattias Wengelin 

Service, Regulations, and Ports: An Actor-Network perspective on the social dimension of Service-Dominant logic (2012)

Christian Fuentes 

Green Retaling – A socio-material analysis (2011)