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Lena Eskilsson.

Lena Eskilsson


Lena Eskilsson.

Euroscreen: The attraction of screen destinations. Baseline report assessing best practice


  • Maria Månsson
  • Lena Eskilsson

Summary, in English

EuroScreen is a project specifically designed to capitalise on the major economic and cultural opportunities presented through screen tourism. The three year project, co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund and made possible by the INTERREG IVC programme, aims to exploit the screen sector as a proven catalyst for tourism development through the alignment of policies between the screen and tourism industries. By establishing clear links between the two industries, EuroScreen aims to increase screen and tourism SMEs’ understanding of the benefits of working together, thus encouraging cross sector collaboration.

Screen tourism demonstrates the power of film, TV and commercials, as well as games, mobile and internet-based content in attracting tourists to visit destinations seen on screen. It is evidenced through countless productions shot and set in locations all over the world.

The EuroScreen baseline report is an assessment and comparative study of screen tourism activity across the project’s eight participating regions. The study has several aims:

• To ensure that partners understand the existing screen tourism activities, policies and experiences in all EuroScreen regions

• To explore and analyse existing practises and policies to support the development of tourism and screen industries as well as considering the current opportunities for SMEs within the screen tourism sector

• To identify five good practices which can be transferred in order to enable screen tourism development in under-exploited regions


  • Institutionen för tjänstevetenskap








Pracownia Pomyslów


  • Economic Geography


  • destination marketing
  • screen products
  • screen tourism
  • screen tourists




  • Euroscreen


  • ISBN: 978-83-938427-0-4