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Christer Eldh.

Christer Eldh


Christer Eldh.

Core values work in academia : – with experiences from Lund University


  • Tomas Brage
  • Inger Lövkrona
  • Christer Eldh
  • Annika Rejmer
  • Benny Carlsson
  • Bodil Ryderheim

Summary, in English

What are core values and what use are they? How can the central government
core values translate to academia? Why do the ‘statutory’, political values
end up in conflict with academic values based on the specific culture of
universities? What methods and what examples exist for active and effective
core values work at a university? And how do you implement core values so
that they are present and meaningful within the organisation? This report from the “Core values project at Lund University” attempts to answer these questions, problematise various values and provide support for core values work at a ‘typical’ university. The book contains the history of core values, their legal
and cultural background in general and at Lund University in particular.
It provides examples of methods which can be applied in core values work, such as a deeper understanding of discrimination and master suppression techniques, norm criticism and inclusive teaching. It concludes with an inventory of relevant projects at Lund University


  • Grundutbildning i fysik inom naturvetenskapliga fakulteten
  • Avdelningen för etnologi
  • Institutionen för tjänstevetenskap
  • Rättssociologiska institutionen
  • LTH:s kansli










  • ISBN: 978-91-7623-882-0